Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Three Score Years and Ten

A while ago I mentioned my great grandfather, L.J. Schlattman and his political leanings in a post titled From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need . Recently while going through some papers in my desk I ran across a copy of the book of his poetry that he had published. The copyright on it gives the date of 1926. Its is not a large book; and perhaps I should more accurately call it a booklet, still it looms large in my life.

I do believe the poems worthy of being posted here. In fact, they are probably of more worth than my usual ramblings, and I hope that others will enjoy them. The name of the "booklet" is Gleaning from Life. I intend to post more poems from the collection from time to time, but I will start with this one entitled:

Three Score Years and Ten
I stand on the threshold of vanishing life
And stare at the dark, silent grave,
The step I must take, the leap I must make;
There's nought from the abyss can save.
Like a meteor bright, that flashes at night,
Like a dream has my life passed away,
All its errors, its grief, its pleasures so brief
Pass my pondering mem'ry today.
But stop, let me think as I stand on the brink;
Is it I must decay 'neath the sod?
Ah, no, 'tis but clay, my house of a day,
As for me, I'm summoned by God.
This housing of clay, they'll be laying away
Like a garment all tattered and torn,
But my soul it will hie like a bird in the sky
To appear at the great judgement morn.
And a bulletin bright in that realm of pure light,
All the deeds of my life will unfold,
All the good, all the bad, all the joyous or sad,
All my thoughts, all my acts will be told.
But Hope, Faith and Love, bright gifts from above,
In conquering glory will shine;
And I need not despair, for the Christ will be there,
And say, "I've redeemed him, he's mine."
And thus every day, as I wait by the way,
With Hope and with Faith I can sing,
And view with delight, the future so bright:
"O Grave, where's thy vict'ry? O Death, where's thy sting?"
May God grant that each of us can face the future with such an outlook when we reach the age of three score years and ten!

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