Thursday, December 20, 2018

Something a Little Bit Different ...

I am going to try something a little different here, and I would like your feedback on it, whether that be positive, negative, or indifferent. But first a short explanation.

When I began reading blogs, years ago, that medium had not yet peaked in its popularity.  I like to write and wanted to share both the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as some of the knowledge pertaining to Harleys that I have stumbled upon over time, so I took the leap and started my own blog. One thing I noted when reading various blogs, was that often a long post would be difficult for me to fit into the time I had to spare.  I would like to think that was not primarily due to a short attention span on my part, still, I always tried (sometimes not so successfully) to keep my own posts to a "readable" length.

But as time went on, and computer and internet access speeds increased, blogging began to fall by the wayside for most people and videos became much more popular.  Along with this, I discovered that I was able to listen to debates, lectures, and sermons online in my shop while I work.  Just as many shops have a radio playing in the background during working hours, I often have "select" audio from the internet playing.

So, here is my thought.  What if I were to provide something similar?  So with no further introduction here is my audio message which I titled, Christmas Future: The Coming Messiah.

And I really would appreciate your feedback; even if it is to point out that I have a perfect voice for silent films...