Monday, July 28, 2008

Faith in God

Here is another selection from my great grandfather, L.J. Schlattman's book of poems "Gleanings from Life".

Faith in God

Have Faith in God, my doubting brother,

Have faith in God, 'twill still your soul;

Pour oil upon the troubled waters,

And lead you safely to the goal.

Fear not that faith is superstition,

God's word is but an ancient tale;

'Tis founded on the Rock of Ages,

Eternal truth, and will prevail.

Where science halts and critics stumble,

And must admit, "We do not know;"

There Faith in God begins to function,

Illumes the way for us to go.

Let science dig with spade and shovel,

With microscope dissect the sod;

Dig deep, dig deep, my seeking brother,

Dig deep enough and you'll find GOD.

Hypocrisy and Ism's squabble,

Oft dim the radiance of the Sun;

Have faith, they cannot hide its splendor,

'Twill still shine on when all is done.

Let scoffers rail and skeptics mutter,

"Your faith in God is but a tale;"

Fear not, be not dismayed, my brother,

HE reigns supreme and will prevail.

When science fails and isms crumble,

When Sun and Moon and Earth shall quake,

When human mind shall cease to function,

And human theories shall break.

The God of Abram, Isaac, and Jacob,

The master architect on high,

Will still be ruling all creation,

And faith in Him will scale the sky.

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Anonymous said...

Keep them coming. Great work.