Monday, June 30, 2008

Barbecue and Burnouts

Neil Ryan, owner of American Thunder Custom Motorcycles in Savage, MN, held his annual open house this past Saturday. (if you have trouble finding it, it is right next to Lee's Speed Shop) Though the morning brought heavy rain, it was short lived, and gave way to partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. Doubtless this weather kept a lot of people away, but those who attended attempted to make up for it with enthusiasm.

Besides some GREAT barbecue pork sandwiches the main attraction was a burn out contest conducted in the specially built "pit".

The $500 prize for the winner of the burnout contest was split between John, shown here on his 110 inch Twin Cam, and Ray with his Evo.

I took a turn with my wife's 1947 61inch Knuckle - mostly in an attempt to shame others into participating - or at least that was my excuse

Ray also did a killer burnout, leading to the contest being declared a tie

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