Monday, February 19, 2018

Mass Murder in Parkland Florida: Consider This ...

For those few who are willing to consider the actual reason behind the latest schoolhouse mass murder in Parkland, Florida, even if you are already dug in on whichever side of the trench warfare regarding gun bans you find yourself, I have a couple links that state the reality far better than I could.

The first link is titled "Hollow Soul Bullets" by Pastor Doug Wilson.  You might note that Wilson's blog  "Blog and Mablog" is one that I peruse almost daily, for not the least of which reason is that he is a true wordsmith. 

The second link, to a piece called "Statist Prayers for Parkland USA" written by Toby Sumpter, takes a slightly different road to the same conclusion, but is equally edifying (note that one of the links in Doug's post is to this second article).

If I thought I could improve on, or add to, these fine articles I would try, but they seem to have really nailed the core issues. I will just add this thought: Banning guns to stop murders is like putting a band aid on the chest of someone with heart disease.  It does nothing to fix the sickness below the surface, and in fact can only serve to exacerbate the problem by pretending it is a cure when it is only a feel-better placebo.  Come to think of it, in that respect it is also like false religions which teach you to perform rituals or do good things to make up for the bad you have done, when you really need the heart transplant that only Jesus Christ can provide!