Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Murderer Update

As per standard operating procedure around here, I am lagging far behind in blogging, by way of a failed attempt at keeping up with demand on the porting and engine rebuilding side of things. Because of this, the egregious stories of this nation spiraling into paganism keep piling up faster that I could ever find time to comment on them. But sometimes you just have to make the time to speak out.

You may have noticed, in recent times I have confined my rants to the subject of the ongoing government sanctioned murder of babies. There is much else currently taking place which rankles, and which are also a fairly obvious signs of the Almighty's judgment on the USA. Though they are equally contrary to the laws of God, it seemed reasonable to limit my commentary to that issue which so clearly divides a moral from an immoral people. In other words, if you can't find it within yourself to come down on the side of life rather than the side of murder, well, ...let's just say that there isn't much in this world that a sane man would leave to your judgment.

But as I said, the headlines just keep piling up on the murder/no murder issue. And I might add, if this is the first you've read of any of this, it might be time to remove your head from the sand: God is watching and it seems that I read somewhere that being willingly ignorant may not be the strongest defense in the long run. For example, since the beginning of April, these headlines have appeared:

April 5 - "Appearance of Impropriety: Judge’s Husband Has Apparent Link to Planned Parenthood" - (source - Operation Rescue) "Columbia, MO - Federal Court Judge Nanette Laughrey, who is blocking the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services from revoking the abortion facility license of the Columbia Planned Parenthood facility, is being called on to recuse from the controversial case after pro-life activists photographed her husband, lobbyist Chris Kelly, entering that same facility on March 10, 2016."  Well, maybe the husband is a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood, or maybe he just has a "knocked up" floozy on the side that is in need of the murder for hire services of Planned Parenthood. Either way it would seem to be a clear cut case of conflict of interest. But of course corruption only gets called by name when it sees the light of day, and people are found to actually care.


April 6 - "Yesterday, the California Department of Justice, led by Planned Parenthood-backed Attorney General Kamala Harris, raided my (David Daleiden) home and seized my laptop, my personal files, and all of CMP's video footage, including unreleased material, of Planned Parenthood's criminal trade in baby body parts." (source - David Daleiden)

Mr. Daleiden is the gentleman who has gone undercover to expose the illegal sale of murdered baby organs. I have linked to a number of his undercover videos on this blog. Attorney General Harris has reportedly received tens of thousands of dollars from Planned Parenthood, which cannot help but show her to be their bought and paid for attack dog. It would be tough to imagine that a taxpayer supported "murder for hire" business such as Planned Parenthood would think twice about bribing their way to revenge.

April 7 - "CA AG's Office Ransacks Daleiden's Apartment to Defend Campaign Contributor Planned Parenthood" (source - Operation Rescue) Here we also learned that there is evidence that supports accusations that Harris' investigation was politically retaliation, which at its core is an attack on the right to free speech.

April 13 - "How Harvesting Organs from a Dead Abortion Patient Thwarted Justice" (source - Operation Rescue) This piece tells the tragic story of the death of a Cleveland woman while having an abortion performed. The tragedy continued when the plea and even written request by the father (and grandfather) of the victims (plural!) that an autopsy be performed to determine the cause of death, was ignored. Instead, because of an organ donation box had been checked two years earlier when renewing her drivers license, the woman’s body was quickly harvested of parts and her family will never know what kind of malpractice may have lead to her death. That the woman’s father will never have the joy of bouncing his grandchild on his knee can only add to his seemingly unbearable pain.

April 15 - "Collusion Between Houston DA’s Office and Planned Parenthood Alleged in Daleiden’s Motions to Quash Texas Indictments" (source - Operation Rescue) This story which I have mentioned before, revolves around how a Houston Texas Grand Jury which was called to decide whether to indict a Planned Parenthood affiliate for the illegal sale of murdered baby remains. Instead, under leadership of District Attorney Devon Anderson the grand jury indicted the witness to the crime, that is David Daleiden, for allegedly breaking the law by filming the criminals as they unwittingly confessed. In an ongoing pattern of corruption, it was revealed that Josh Schaffer, attorney for Planned Parenthood bragged that he had persuaded DA Anderson to turn the grand jury against Daleiden.

April 18 - "Planned Parenthood’s attacks on pro-life activists make Al Capone look like an amateur" (source - Troy Newman of Operation Rescue) Some interesting facts and numbers here. California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the woman behind the raid on journalist David Daleiden’s home, is running to be a United States Senator from the state of California. Planned Parenthood has donated over $81,000 dollars to her campaign since 2010. Planned Parenthood in turn receives $4.8 BILLION of your taxpayer dollars to aid them in their quest to murder babies. Seriously, with that kind money being taken out of the pockets of hard working Americans and lining the pockets of Planned Parenthood, one has to wonder if their sideline of selling the body parts of murdered babies is based more on depravity than on greed.

April 19 - "The House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives released a new set of documents this evening from their investigation that PROVES Planned Parenthood profited from the sale of aborted baby parts." (source - David Daleiden) Nothing really new here except that maybe, just possibly maybe, one branch of our government will wake up to the fact that for the past 9 months Planned Parenthood has been lying when they claim the receive no financial benefit from selling little baby hearts, brains, and lungs. Think anyone is paying attention? Think anyone cares?

April 21 - "Barack Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services just sent a letter to all 50 states, threatening that there will be consequences if they cut taxpayer funding to the nation’s largest abortion provider!" (source - Troy Newman of Operation Rescue) This is hardly surprising from the President, who while a Senator, voted against making it illegal to murder a baby when he is half way born. Let’s see now, how does that "partial birth abortion" that President Obama supports work? The whole body of the live baby with the exception of the head is delivered, and then the baby is stabbed to death. Then the baby’s head is delivered, but by now dead. I have to say though, its a bit surprising that the method was not reversed; after all, weren’t they afraid if the baby had its hands out of the womb they might try to defend themselves? Also of note was that Planned Parenthood has adopted the tactic of suing Mr. Newman personally, obviously with the intent of destroying him financially by forcing to defend himself, thereby silencing him. The beauty of that plan (from the devil’s viewpoint) is that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even have to win to achieve their ends.

April 21 - "Operation Rescue complaint ignored while Alexander remains free to break the law." "Forestville, MD - An abortionist who is currently barred from conducting surgical abortions at an unlicensed facility has been caught red-handed conducting late-term Dilation and Evacuation abortions late at night in an apparent attempt to avoid detection." This one concerns Harold O. Alexander who plies his trade of baby murder in the state of Maryland. Despite a history of illegal abortion activity and current pending charges against him, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene doesn’t see fit to spend their time or resources to put an immediate stop to Alexander’s illegal slaughter of babies. The pending charges against Alexander date back nearly a year, but hey ...what’s the hurry? Its not THEIR lives that are at stake.

April 23 - "In the Market for Fetal Body Parts, a Baby’s Brain Sells for $3,340" (source - The Daily Signal) The U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives is in the process of investigating the sale of fetal tissue from aborted babies and now have access to the menu. On the retail side of things, researchers (the end user) can expect to pay the dealer (fetal tissue procurement companies such as Stem Express) $3,340 for a baby’s brain, $595 for a "baby skull matched to upper and lower limbs," and $890 for "upper and lower limbs with hands and feet." Of course the Planned Parenthood affiliates sell to the dealers at significantly less than that amount, just as a manufacturer in the motorcycle parts business sells to the dealer at a reduced price so that he too can show a profit. Of course the middleman in this case also provides some cover and plausible deniability for the ghouls at Planned Parenthood. Don’t feel that they are getting the short end of the stick though; remember, the money they receive for the baby body parts is almost all gravy (if I can use that term without gagging). The dead babies would need to be disposed of anyway, so in some ways its similar to me saving scrap metal to sell rather than tossing it in the dumpster (well, similar except for the murder part, of course). BTW, the definition of a ghoul is "an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies." If the people who work at Planned Parenthood don’t fit that definition, no one does.

Well, there you go. As each of these stories came to my attention I was outraged. I could have spent time on each of the above dates expressing my outrage and calling for national repentance of this appalling savagery that should never be tolerated, let alone subsidized by a civilized society. Your tax dollars at work. My tax dollars at work. This nation deserves any judgment that God may bring upon it.

One last word for any woman who has paid to have her baby murdered, and even for those hired assassins at Planned Parenthood: There is forgiveness for those who turn from their sin. Holy scripture tells of a number of murderers who found grace, but they did not find it without repentance.