Monday, December 14, 2020

No More Anonymous

 The spam in the comments section for several of my posts has become unbearable.  Well over 300 spam comments on a post from 2007, divided between about a hundred for online casinos and the rest for online credit reports.  I trust anyone who came here to read what I write is intelligent enough to know those are VERY likely fraudulent attempts to steal your identity. However, since I get an email notification every time a comment is posted, I've finally had to make a change. In the past a lot of the spam was for online porn, which I always took the time to delete. In order to limit this time consuming stupidity, I have adjusted settings so that in order to post a comment you will either need to have an account or subscribe to this blog.  In other words, no more anonymous comments. I know some won't want to take the time to do so, thus comments will be somewhat limited, but it should filter out the fraud robots. Thanks for your understanding.