Monday, August 24, 2015

One Nation

Over the years, when contemplating such things as the Holocaust,  I have often wondered how the German people could stand by while such atrocities were perpetrated. Estimates are that more than 6 million Jews were killed over a 12 year period. Many of these met their fate at concentration camps such as Dachau, or in what may be more accurately called death camps such as Auschwitz or Chelmno.

I have often thought upon the stories of how the Allied forces, when they liberated the camps, forced the local citizens to go out to the camps and view the results of the great evil which they had allowed to take place.  Many of the locals expressed some level of horror, claiming they really didn't know what was taking place under the Nazis.  Still, I could never quite accept that, and would be left feeling that the people should have risen up against their government and come to the aid of their fellow human beings.  I could not help but think that if I had been in that position I would not have stood for it.  I'd have had to do something.  Conscience would have demanded it regardless of consequences.  Just what kind of depraved citizenry could allow such a thing to happen?

Fast forward 70 years.  The Jewish Holocaust only a painful memory.  Yes, there is a whole religion which simultaneously denies the first Jewish Holocaust while it preaches the need for a second, but we have not yet seen its implementation.  However, we are already in the midst of another holocaust involving even greater numbers and just as much evil.  If you can watch the following video and join your fellow countrymen in calmly sitting by and ignoring it, ...well, then it would appear that your conscience is already seared.

In our hearts and minds we cannot help but pass judgment on those citizens of Nazi Germany who turned their backs and ignored the evil which was happening in their midst.  But we should be careful to keep a mirror handy.

" For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." (Matthew 7:2)

Do you believe the German people individually bear some responsibility for their lack of action?  Then we bear some responsibility for our lack of action in our modern abortion holocaust.  Do you believe that the downfall of the Nazi government was a just reward for carrying out the Holocaust?  Then where does that leave our nation?



47str8leg said...

Absolutely sickening. I've never been for abortion. Animals .

jb72 said...

Hi Lee,
I'm sorry that I'm just getting around to again taking a look at your blog, but I do have a few comments about the abortion subject.

1. I fully agree that abortion is murder, and what Planned (non-)Parenthood has been doing (and continues to do with public $$) is atrocious, sickening, shameful, despicable, damnable, and criminal; it should be stopped.
2. And your Germany example is a good and applicable example, for getting us all to think, decide, and take an action.

Now, I shall reflect a little more. Reflecting; not excusing.

The condition of Germany: was it different then than it is for us today? I suppose it was, with the inscripting (draft) of so many of the mail population into their military (some by force). The Nazi propaganda and political machine "programmed" anti-Semitism to the majority of population, and made decrees and laws that condemned all Jews (and other "undesirables", including ethical sympathizers) to central communities(death camps)for the "protection of the German people and the Father-land".

Apathy vs. Empathy. One requires nothing; just mind your own life and look the other way. Empathy would cost you EVERYTHING; not only you, but your spouse & your children. Any open resistance was met with bullets and power. The decision: My life or an unknown life, an undesirable's life. That's a really tough one...

Fear froze most. Many brave ones did take action, risking all with many losing all. Let's not forget that. Admire them; emulate them.

I personally have pity on those caught in the tremendous power of fear so great. I doubt we have and hope that we never will.

But I know that talking a talk is much easier and safer, than walking the walk. Bravery is needed, but few have it. And those who have it must be on watch for enemy fire, friendly fire, and from the discouraging fire of fearful friends who don't want to decide or act, but don't like a war, even if its a just war.

Now, since we still have freedom, while we still have freedom, may each of us take reasonable actions to right the wrongs that happen every day here in the USA.

Just so that we won't be the next citizen neighbors of the death camps, dragged in to see the horrors they excused and ignored.

Now, back to the abortion side.
I must admit that, at one time, quite a while ago, I was ambivalent towards abortion, sympathetic with the decision of Choice. Never Pro-Choice at all, but MYOB type.

Why? I suppose it was that my heart wasn't right with life and death, nor right with the Creator of Life, nor with the Bread of Life. The day was long past that the Lord and the Holy Spirit changed me, and I was given righteousness in an instant. But, my understanding of all things was not complete instantly. I had much to deal with in my head and heart yet. Yes, I will admit that, even today, sometimes, I deal with the old man within me.

Could it be that those folks "on the other side", even those who support PP, might be only one moment, one day, one message short of their own Great Epiphany with Jesus?

The change of heart by repentance followed by the desire to know and to please the one true God alone will change the mind and the beliefs and the actions of a person. He alone is the only true and lasting way that a person is entirely and forever changed.

How about you? If you're reading this, I ask you "Do you know Jesus?"

I know Lee and I have each had that "Jesus epiphany" that changed us. And we both hope that you would know Him too.

St. Lee said...

Thanks Jeff, your comment is exactly on point, and much appreciated. The only real "solution" is a national repentance, and the only way for that to come about is by the individual repentance of vast numbers of citizens crying out to God for mercy. It seems that our society largely is disposed to hold onto their pride and reject the thought that they are in need of that mercy. The situation seems bleak, but you are correct; with God all things are possible.

jb72 said...

Thanks Lee.
I like what I read here, even though I'm not a motor-head and my advisors keep me off motorcycles.
Warning: someday I'm going to visit you @ your shop.

Blog on Brother!