Monday, August 3, 2015

Parting Them Out

I come to you with a troubling post today. Some may dismiss it as being just too "sentimental" or dismiss me as someone who just needs to lighten up and not take life so seriously. Perhaps many of those who have not spent countless hours on the same old Harley over long periods of time (time measured in decades, not years) will not feel the same. But if you have ever owned, ridden, and lived on/with the same bike for enough time, then you too will likely have formed a bond with it. That bond is often forged while tuning and repairing, repainting and rebuilding the same bike over and over through those many years of ownership; or should we say years of partnership? How often have you heard a fellow enthusiast refer to his motorcycle as his "baby?" Is it any wonder that often the feeling that the machine is more than just the sum of its many mechanical parts is expressed by the bestowal of a name. But even those not predisposed to naming their bikes often wind up feeling that their "old friend" has taken on some type of life of its own, or at least some sort of mystical mechanical soul. I know you guys are out there, because some of you have brought your bike's engine parts to me with the confession that you are VERY careful about to whom they will entrust the internal organs of their pride and joy. Yes, it is plain that many old time bikers would probably, in a moment of sentimentality, wax poetic and confess that there just might be something to the whole idea of old Harleys having a soul.

And that is what makes the subject of this post troubling. I would like to address is what seems to be an increasingly common practice of "parting out" complete and running condition vintage Harleys.

Though it is certain that there have always been back alley operations involved in the dissection of old Harleys, the practice has become more lucrative recently with the popularity of the eBay worldwide marketplace. Given the ever increasing price of vintage Harley parts, I suppose it was bound to happen. It seems that some individuals have found that some old Harleys are worth more in pieces than as a "project" bike, or "basket case" as we used to call them.

This practice of parting out viable Harleys recently came to my attention via the aforementioned eBay. One need not search too deeply under Antique, Vintage, Historic in the Motorcycle Parts category to find one. Often the purveyors will be so blatant as to include an admission in the advertisement to the effect that they are parting out the motorcycle so be sure to check their other auctions for the rest of the parts offered. And we can mourn one more vintage Harley which was once someone's 'baby" that will never again feel the wind of freedom against its headlight. The callousness these butchers display as they calmly admit to their profiteering while offering up the parts to the highest bidder is beyond the pale.

Frankly, I find the practice not just troubling, but a bit disgusting as well. Here is an undercover video that sheds much light on this horrendous practice:


Okay, if you took the time to view the video, you have realized that it is not about parting out old Harleys, but about something infinitely more wicked; parting out new babies. If you could read my post leading up to the video and have the slightest feeling of agreement, then how much more should you be totally outraged by the practice of Planned Parenthood in not only murdering babies, but then going the extra mile on the road to hell in profiteering from their now lifeless bodies.

It is true enough that we should be far more outraged by the killing of these precious souls than we are by the ghoulish selling of their body parts, but perhaps we have become too complacent with the evil that has been among us since 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized the murder of these babies. Maybe the new revelations of depravity will temporarily be shocking enough to force this nation to turn back from its wicked course. If you are not a Christian, and you shrug your shoulders at this sale of dead baby parts, then you are heaping coals of fire on your already sin laden head. If you are a Christian but you are too busy to spend a few moments fighting this spiritual wickedness, just how do you plan to explain that before the judgment seat of Christ?  All I ask is that every one of you who are men of conscience take a few minutes to do something, whether it be contacting your elected representative, passing this or similar articles along via social media, sending links to your friends and acquaintances, or praying. We all need to do something to not only denounce, but to stop this barbaric practice of child sacrifice.


Brad said...

How do you know who has the right to part out a bike? I guess that would be the title holder; and that would be the one that the authorities have determined to be the rightful owner. The so determined owner would be the one that has the right to decide whether the bike is ridden or parked, or whether the bike is a desired addition or just a pile of salable parts. It all comes down to who is the owner; who holds the title to the bike?

If the ownership of something is removed from the Maker and transferred to someone else we would presume there was a transaction involved. In the case of a bike that transaction is a sale but for us the transaction was Original Sin. We were then purchased back by the sacrifice of our Lord. This, of course, is under dispute. Some argue that life belongs to Man as they disdain or disavow the agency of God. If life belongs to Man then it behoves Man to determine who will live and who won't as a seal of ownership upon life. In fact, since the fall of Man, there has been no more important question confronting Man as the question of who owns human life.

This why, I believe, that abortion has been so revered by the Godless Left. Abortion is not just a sacrament but a foundational rite of ownership.

As horrific as the videos have been, about 50% of Americans still support PP. In fact, the videos, in the absence of a Christian conscience, may do more to inure Americans to the horror of abortion. Certainly most are appalled more by the gore and the obvious money lust of the practitioners caught on tape than the original murder of the baby. And, if the impetus of this is not turned from PP to the practice of abortion we will see the hands of PP slapped and new laws drafted that will ensure that no more videos are possible. Abortion will continue, safely out of sight, and the majority of Americans will sigh in relief that they will be spared the knowledge of the costs of their iniquity.

For many the mission field is a world of places with exotic sounding names. In fact, the mission field consists of our own neighborhoods and families*. In the absence of God this is just one more step towards Gomorrah. It wasn't the first; it won't be last; and it certainly will not be the most horrific.

* I'm currently reading a book, "Common Objections To Christianity," where the author (C.L. Drawbridge, in 1931) suggests that our churches have become places where the convinced preach to the the converted instead of places that challenge the unconverted. It would seem that our current society wishes fervently to push Christianity even further back into the shadows and ultimately to extinction. It's situations such as these videos where we need to change the argument from adjustments that need to be made to the path of our society to the realization that we are on the wrong path entirely.

St. Lee said...

Thanks for adding those appropriate insights David.

As for 50% of Americans still supporting PP, I suppose it should be no surprise. After all Proverbs 8:36 says this: "But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death."
Hate God/Love death - pretty straight forward.

While I would not disagree that churches are places where the convinced preach to the converted, I am not sure that is the problem so much as that the only evangelism most churches do is the preaching in their weekly services. That may have worked for time in this country, back when even the unconverted felt societal pressure to attend services, but certainly that has not been the norm for most of the world for most of history. The book of Acts tells of the gospel being proclaimed not only in the synagogues (where it would be much like preaching it in a marginally Christian church today), but also in the public square. I am not sure if one can equate the Internet of today to the pubic square of bygone days, or if that is just excusing ourselves from going out into the streets physically to preach repentance and faith.