Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Satan Caught on Video

If you don't run in the same circles that I do, then you may have missed this blip on the news.  Indeed, the Devil (or at the very least a high ranking minion) was recently recorded doing, well ...the devil's work, in a hidden camera video.

Okay, I overstated the case a bit when I called Deborah Nucatola (from the above video) Satan.  I'll stand by the high ranking minion description though.  In a strange turn of events another high ranking minion was also recently caught on video discussing the sale of dead murdered baby parts.
If you can hold down your lunch long enough to get to the end of this video, you may catch Mary Gatter quipping that she wants a Lamborghini; a clear allusion to the profit she can see in the modern day equivalent of grave robbery.  I have to say, Dr. Frankenstein from the tale by Shelley was a far more sympathetic figure; of course that story does not begin to earn the adjective "horror" when put beside the murderous history of Planned Parenthood.
By the way, you may want to go back and watch the beginning of the second video one more time.  Cecile Richards.  If Mary Gatter and Deborah Nucatola only qualify as high ranking minions of Satan, when the question becomes, what about Cecile Richards?  Well, Jesus said this:
 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)

Cecile Richards may not be the devil incarnate, but it is plain whose daughter she is.

BUT, wicked as all of this is, the lesson we might learn from the small amount of outrage generated is how depraved our once great nation has become.  A few people may become upset over the ghoulish sale of dead baby body parts, but have they forgotten the millions of babies murdered in the years since the Supreme Court instituted a constitutional right to commit that murder?  You serious Clark?  What is the greater sin?  The murder or the sale of the corpse?

May God have mercy on us, though we surely deserve none.


Unknown said...

Good post Lee,sad but true that not so many are outraged by this. A few months back everyone was stumbling over each other
trying to get the death penalty repealed here in Nebraska,which they did. I pointed out the irony in that, but it was ok to murder babies in the womb. What a messed up lot.
Correct me if I'm wrong,but weren't the walls of Jericho filled with dead babies?

St. Lee said...

Thanks Brad. I had not heard about the dead babies/ walls of Jericho thing before. My first thought was that perhaps I had missed something in the Bible. It seems that often the LORD will add more information about an incident in a totally different part of the Bible (almost as though he is checking to see if we are paying attention).
I don't think that is the case here, so I did an internet search. Without digging too deeply it appears that there may not be any conclusive proof for the claim, however child sacrifice is one of practices for which the people of Canaan were judged, so it is certainly a possibility. Sadly it is also one of the pagan practices that some of the Israelites adopted from the people they were sent to displace. Not much is different today. Change the name of the idol "Moloch" to "Convenience" or "A Woman's Reproductive Rights" and child sacrifice and the sin remains the same.

St. Lee said...

Here is a link to an article that lists companies who support Planned Parenthood's butchery of babies and their response to the recent kerfuffle.
(copy and paste:)

The translation would go something like this: We don't contribute to Planned Parenthood directly, but if our employees want to donate money to have babies murdered, we are happy to match any money that they might donate, because after all it is a 5013c. So you see, its really our employees fault.

Here is a list of corporate sponsors of murder:
2.American Cancer Society
3.American Express
6.Bank of America
7.Bath & Body Works
8.Ben & Jerry’s
11.Deutsche Bank
16.Fannie Mae
19.Johnson & Johnson
20.La Senza
21.Levi Strauss
22.Liberty Mutual
24.March of Dimes
26.Morgan Stanley
33.Susan G. Komen
36.United Way
38.Wells Fargo

Jim said...

What a truly shocking story. It felt like I was watching some dystopian science fiction movie. Surprisingly, this has not been in the news here in the UK given the relish the British have for news items that make the US look bad. For example, every time someone with a gun shoots somebody. Thanks for posting it, St Lee.

St. Lee said...

"news items that make the US look bad" Right about now that sounds like what they call a target rich environment. Thanks for stopping by Jim.

Brad said...

"...sad but true that not so many are outraged by this..."

Indeed. But then the People voted for this and turned their backs to it for forty years; nothing's different now. The process is the same and the canard that we've been lied to all these years is baloney.

But what is the issue? Is it that an abortion provider is selling the (apparently) unwanted baby that they killed, with the full on approval of the "mother?" Is the issue that, like sausage making, it should go on out of sight? Or, is there something else?

After you've agreed to kill inconvenient babies, what you do with the dead remains is pointless. And, I suppose if your business is killing those unwanted babies your attitudes may be a little different from normal folks. If what PP is doing abrades the sensibilities of those decent folk, maybe those decent folk should be encouraged to revisit their decision of forty years ago.

So I guess I agree with the liberals/progressives/Democrats, at least to express surprise. If you wanted the right to kill your babies then what's the problem with PP? Would it be a problem if they were selling gall bladders? Have the videos finally forced normal people to confront the lie that "it's just a part of the woman's body?"

We don't need to defund these monsters; we need to put an end to the horrific practice they attend to. What are the chances of that? Outside of God there is nothing but the gnashing of teeth.