Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Sacrifice is an important theme throughout the Bible. This past Sunday morning at the Donnie Smith Bike Show in St Paul, my wife and I attended a short service put on by the St. Cloud chapter of the Bond Slaves MC. This is a group of Christian bikers who I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with through this show. Bruce, one of their prospects, delivered a fine sermon drawing parallels between the sacrifice of Christ for our freedom from sin and the servicemen who often are called upon to sacrifice themselves for our freedom.

The fact that Jesus went willingly to the cross, suffered and died for us is incomprehensible to some, but in reality it is not an act that is unheard of. The stories of soldiers who have given their lives to save their buddies is not such an uncommon one. Most parents would die in place of their children. Consider that terrorists all too often sacrifice themselves for a false god.

What really struck home to me, though, was the picture Bruce painted of God the Father, knowing the torture his Son would endure, still sending Jesus to be sacrificed. One of the points that Bruce brought out was that the parents of these servicemen are also facing the very real possibility that their own sons or daughters may die for their country. That of course is where the analogy breaks down. Parents of servicemen are always hoping and praying that their loved ones will not have to suffer or die for their country. God the Father willingly sent his Son knowing full well that he would suffer and die. That's a love that is difficult for us to fully grasp!

Remember to pray for our men and women in uniform and their parents and families!

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Joe Blackmon said...


I would add also that not only did God the Father send God the Son to earth to die on the cross but Jesus willingly went to that cross fully obediant to the Father. And to think He did that for someone like me. Wow.