Friday, April 11, 2008

H&R Block $400 per hour

I was just going to let this go. Lick my wounds and forget about it, so to speak. But they just have to keep running ads on my radio. Constantly.

You might think that after all these years I would have learned a lesson. After all, its not like I have never made the mistake of contracting to have some work done without inquiring the price, and then had a severe case of sticker shock when the bill came. And I even remember telling myself to NEVER do it again without at least a ballpark estimate. But I did.

In my own defense I made the assumption that since H&R Block is a large company, and did a lot of advertising, their obvious volume would lead to low (or at least competitive) pricing. As usual, an assumption cost me hard earned money I would not have had to spend.

So, two hours of copying my figures (already categorized) onto their computer comes to over $800. I just wonder if that is enough to teach me a lesson I won't forget?

And really, I would have just let it go if it weren't for the constant commercials....

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