Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Israel, Hamas, the U.S. and a Christian Worldview

 This is a brief post from one of my personal living heroes of the faith, James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries.  I'm passing it on because it reflects both a Christian and a conservative political worldview concerning the attack on Israel this past weekend.

"I have lived long enough to see a great deal of war and conflict take place in and around Israel. This is the first time it is so blatantly obvious that the Regime that has captured control of the US has aided in the attacks, AND, will use them to further destroy the US itself. Just one little jolting bit of reality: the Regime (it is not an administration when it ignores the Constitution and undercuts our laws) has not only opened our borders and allowed MILLIONS of military aged men to invade our country, but it has also DRAINED our strategic petroleum reserves to historic lows (currently only 17 days) right when a war is breaking out in the Middle East and the Regime has strangled domestic production. Coincidence? Only to the brain-dead moron. When your children are going hungry because there is no food to be purchased because it cannot be transported any longer, I hope you will remember the traitors who destroyed us from within. (And please note: I am not addressing the justice of this judgment: the traitorous betrayal of our nation is quite fitting given the nation's detestation of God's law and God's ways.)"

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