Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Slippery Slopes and the Letter "P"

I am pretty sure that this post will win me no support among those who willingly go along with every nuance of “popular culture” in its ever-spiraling descent into immorality.  It seems that those who would poke their finger into the eye of their Creator are never satisfied with the present atrocity, but are forever desperately reaching for the next and even more abominable one.  Some will say that the subject matter here is just the old “slippery slope” fallacy, but I would suggest that when one views the terrain above and behind you and then considers that the hill continues down immediately below, it becomes less than a fallacy to predict the trajectory which one finds society to be on.  Certainly, there remains that oh-so-narrow ledge that we are approaching at breakneck speed, upon which we might hope to gain sufficient traction to stop, but the momentum of the slide certainly does not favor halting at any point on the slope.

With that, I would like to claim for myself the honor of at least partially providing the inspiration for an article from one of my favorite writers.  A short time ago, on his blog, Douglas Wilson embedded a boring but provocative video provided by an organization called TEDx, who describes its mission as sharing “ideas worth spreading.”  The video in question is one featuring Mirjam Heine speaking at the University of Würzburg, Germany, wherein she makes the controversial (at least for now) claim that “"pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality."  Doug had correctly titled the video as “Nah, No Slippery Slope Here” but provided no further commentary.  

After viewing the video, I sent the following to him, which he published in his weekly “letters to the editor” post:

“As to the video under the title “Nah, No Slippery Slope Here” in Thursday’s Content Cluster Muster, I suddenly feel like a prophet. Just earlier in the day, I had vocalized to my wife a thought that had been fermenting in my mind for a few days. That thought? If, as the sexual deviants and their cheerleaders on the left keep telling us, people cannot help their sexual preferences and it is hateful to suggest there is anything wrong with them living out their perversions, then how long will it be until pedophiles are the newest darlings of the Democrats? Of course to keep this all “above board” the pedophiles will only be able to officially molest those children who give their consent. As luck would have it, the groundwork for such consent is already being laid, with leftist’s heartily agreeing that 5-year-olds are perfectly capable of deciding they need a sex change. If they are mature enough to make that decision, then the decision to have sex with men in trench coats can hardly be a big deal. LGBTP anyone? And, even more disturbing, how long before apostate Christianity follows suite?”

Doug’s only comment to my letter was, “Yes, slippery slopes are slippery.”  That’s it; no high praise for my insightful comments; no sincere thanks for getting him thinking; not even a “high five” for being a fellow outcast from politically correct society.  Nothing.

So, imagine my delight a couple of weeks later when Doug posted a full-blown article titled “This Cavalcade of Concupiscence” reinforcing my thoughts as well as expanding upon them. Now in reality, I cannot pretend that Doug Wilson took his inspiration from my letter.  Doug has his finger on the pulse of popular immorality more so than a great number of so called Christian leaders of our day, so its quite likely that the seeds of this post were germinating in his mind well before even the video surfaced.  Still, I can wonder if my input played a part, can I not?

With that, I highly recommend that you follow this link to This Cavalcade of Concupiscence” and read Doug Wilson’s treatment of the issue.  Doug’s wordsmithing ability is a thing to behold, and coupled with his firm grasp of biblical principles, most Christians will love his writing with the same fervor that most non-Christians hate it.