Friday, April 19, 2013


For those of you old enough to remember, Johnny Horton famously sang, "when its springtime in Alaska, its 40 below."  I could not help but hum a few bars of that song  as I took a break on the deck in my back yard here in beautiful downtown Minnesota on April 18th.

I was not there long before I was joined by an old friend.  From the frown on his face you can see that he too was a little taken aback by the snowfall so late in the year.  The fact that he had already switched over to a straw hat, clearly shows that like so many others, he had assumed spring was here.  As with most friends, it was good to have him stop by for a chat, but we hope that he doesn't wear out his welcome.

Clearly, more proof of Global Warming!


47str8leg said...

No wonder Frosty looks so unhappy...

No sidecar on the knucklehead to keep you both on the road in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope he leaves my scarf before he goes.