Friday, March 1, 2013

Ready to be Offended?

Despite finding myself in the midst of crazy busy season in the motorcycle engine rebuilding world, I do take a few moments each day to peruse the web while eating my sandwich.  One of my favorite stops is the Pyromaniacs blog.  This week Dan had an absolutely great post that I felt I should share with my readers, especially since I can't seem to find the time to write anything worthwhile of my own.

The most offensive verse in the Bible

by Dan Phillips

In the Sunday School class at CBC we're doing a series called Marriage, the Bible and You. In the second lesson of the series, I brought up the subject of secular talk shows and how they like to try to beat up on Christians of any size, shape, and significance about whatever topic they think is most embarrassing and controversial. Of course, at the moment it's "gay" "marriage," or the topic of homosexuality at all.

In the course of the lesson, I remarked that I think — from the comfortable quiet safety of my study — that I'd take a different approach.

When Piers or Larry or Tavis or Rosie or Ellen or The View or whoever tried probing me about homosexuality, or wifely submission, or any other area where God has spoken (to the world's consternation), I think I'd decline the worm altogether. I think instead, I'd say something like,

"You know, TaPierRosEllRy, when you ask me about X, you're obviously picking a topic that is deeply offensive to non-Christians — but it's far from the most offensive thing I believe. You're just nibbling at the edge of one of the relatively minor leaves on the Tree of Offense. Let me do you a favor, and just take you right down to the root. Let me take you to the most offensive thing I believe ... (click here to continue reading)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that you would post this as our church finished a series of videos by Ken Ham on the same subject. The following is his website and is well worth a visit:

His most useful declaration is that a person's conclusions are not decided by the facts all sides share but by the biases we bring individually to view those facts. His DVD's are truly awesome no matter your views. If you are a young earth Christian his videos will be full of useful points; if you are an epoch Christian his videos will be edifying and challenging; if you are a non-believer...well, okay, there are limits to everything.

I finally got my 72 XLCH Ironhead running and made my first run up the street. All went well except I set my Carhartts on fire; they weren't zipped. Whomever thinks a motorcycle is a labour saving device never kick-started an Ironhead Sportster.