Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New, Stronger Cylinders for Your Knuck

I received a set of S&S/Flathead Power 74 inch Knuckle cylinders into the shop last week, and thought there may be an interest in some comparison shots. The black powder-coating on the S&S cylinder on the left is a little too glossy for my taste, but will doubtless hold up well.

A nice touch is the cast in emblem which suggests (but does not copy) the original's MC (Milwaukee Casting) badge

Cast in number plate also pay tribute to the original, though on the Flathead Power cylinder the large "F" corresponds to Front cylinder. Note the crack in the spigot on the stock cylinder.

Even the pistons that come with the cylinders have a dome that is reminiscent of their vintage counterpart. On left is the new S&S cast 74" piston, on the right an English made replacement piston from back in the day.

Currently the S&S suggested retail for a set of these cylinders is $980 with pistons, or $850 for cylinders alone. Not cheap by any means, but certainly a worthwhile investment if you plan serious performance modifications.


Anonymous said...

I have a '41 knuck that is in pieces. A family heirloom that is in slow progress. I know absolutely nothing about bikes but have always loved the look of the Knuckleheads. Thanks for all the info you put out!

St. Lee said...

Thanks Mike. I only wish I had more time, cause there's a lot more I'd like to write.

I see that you are a Binder fan (that's what the old time farmers from my neck of the woods called them). One of my best friends restored an International tractor (don't recall the year) and also built a beautiful street rod out of a '42 International pickup.

When you get to the point of needing engine work on your Knuck, be sure to look me up. I will give you the super-good-guy deal. I don't comment often, but I read your blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! My Grandpa was an International Harvester salesman. I loved that man a lot! Our whole family admires IH for the memory association. Some time I will tell you of God's provision during his passing.