Tuesday, December 1, 2009

That's Not a Cam; This is a Cam!

Thought you might enjoy seeing a somewhat rare cam. This is a Leineweber #5 Knucklehead cam. It is .540" lift with the Knuckle's 1:1 rocker arm ratio. The description for this cam is as follows: Radical racing cam. Designed for fuel, alcohol, or gasoline. Major engine modifications needed to fit this cam. Expert engine builder a must.

Is that cool or what? The lobes at 8 and 12 o'clock are the intakes, and the milder exhaust lobe is the one at 3 o'clock. Jim Leineweber only lists his Knuck cam specs at .020" lift. For this cam the duration is 318 degrees on the intake and 298 degrees for the exhaust. The picture doesn't do it justice as to just how radical this cam looks!

Twenty + years ago a local drag racer from the '60s and 70's, the late Doug Gall, showed me a cam which Jim Leineweber had ground for him. He told me it was one of Jim's first. It was a stock cam that had been welded up and reground. As I recall, it had much this same shape to the lobes.

The best part is you can still get one of these for your own nitro burning Knucklehead at leinewebercams.com (or contact me).


Anonymous said...

St. Lee...I just acquired a vintage, museum held old Hillclimber that was in a VL frame. The buyer of that hillclimber sold me the 61ci knuck that the VL frame cradled. He replaced this knuckle with a VL motor. I just withdrew the4 cam from that hillclimber. Now I admit, I'm new to knuckle motors...being a Panhead guy and wanted to know if I can send pics of that cam to you...it's a beauty!!! Looks like this cam you have here but no number on that front lobe. How can I send you pics?

Jim France
Seattle, Washington

St. Lee said...

Hi Jim, you can either email the pics to me at lee@leesspeedshop.com or you could always mail them to Lee's Speed Shop, 12450 Hwy 13 S, Savage MN 55378

I will be interesting to see what you have.

St. Lee said...

btw, the title of this post was a play on the famous scene from Crocodile Dundee where a would be mugger pulls a knife on him and he counters with a MUCH larger knife

Jim Franco said...

Thanks St. Lee...would love to get your opinion on it. What interests me about it, in addition to it's high lift though not as high as the one you shared, is that it does not appear to be a modern aftermarket item...it has the lightening holes of the early knucks but it sure looks new....(?) home ground? Possibly. At any rate...pics are on their way....hope to hear HERE or at my email (although would love to share what I'm sending you, with the rest of your readers. now, ...."THIS is a knife...." I got it!