Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I find myself submersed in this nation's biggest and most popular religious holy day; Global Scam Day, more often referred to as Earth Day.

Thinking about Earth day and its associated zombie like followers, brought to mind a small incident from a month or so back. I was in my full size GM (Government Motors) pickup truck with its gas guzzling 5.7 V8. On my way to work, I happened to find myself at a stoplight beside a little cracker box car which was all painted up in various shades of green. The signage on the car indicated that it was part of an "Eco Friendly" package delivery service. I can hardly describe how impressed I was with the obvious attempt to save the world from humanity.

As a matter of fact, I was so impressed, that I decided to show my enthusiasm. For the duration of the red light, I continually gunned the 350 cubic inches of Detroit cast iron. And I don't just mean tapping the throttle. No, I mean gunning the engine as though I was in the staging lanes at a drag strip, ready to make a record attempt! I am sure the glass packs on my truck allowed the driver next to me to share in my jubilation. Some might even call it "noise pollution."

Of course, after this show of braggadocio, there was no way to end it except in a haze of tire smoke as the light turned green. Chirping the tires as I banged second gear put a smile on my face that lasted most of the day. The smile ....partly from the adrenaline of using a big V8 the way it was meant to be used, and partly from the satisfaction of knowing that I had likely used up as many resources in my short tirade as my audience's Eco box would in the next several days!


Recliner Commentaries said...

LOL!!! It puts a smile on my face too!

Anonymous said...

Now there is some road rage I can really get behind!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an arsehole thing to do, even if you dont believe in saving the earth, what gives you the right to be a jerk to someone else because of it? And you seem happy of your actions, which I dont see to be very Christian like. Ive tried to come to a better understanding with Christ, and Christians, but I find most of them to be self righteous jerks, who only truly care about themselves, and reading stuff like this only reinforces my thoughts.

I dont believe in god, nor do I go to church, but I intentionally try not to step on bugs, dont kill animals, and try to treat every human decently, and by the bible, since I havent accepted Christ into my life, Im going to hell. Well if heaven is full of people who do arsehole things like this, then I'll be happy burning in hell.

And by the way,that wasnt a big V8, just a pissy little 350, that only smoked the likely one legger tire because it was in a light in the rear pickup.

I wish more Christians would make posts as such, so people wouldnt bee fooled by the fake nice bs front that they put on.

St. Lee said...

So, Anonymous, you find my actions to that faithful follower of the "green" religion to be offensive to him. I am quite sure that you are right. And I am quite sure that preaching Christ is offensive to you (obvious from your comments about hell) as well as to followers of Mohammed, Buddha, and the rest.

Did I physically harm the guy? No. Did I verbally threaten him? No. But I did OFFEND him. If you think Christianity is supposed to be utterly inoffensive, I suggest you read the book.

Now a bigger question is this - did I hurt your precious god/mother/earth? Well, if I did, then all I can say is, my God is a lot bigger than your god. In fact my God can beat up your god, as he did once before, and will again soon (read the end of the book). In fact, my God put all that oil in the ground for the express purpose of improving our way of life.

As to the size of the V8 in my pickup, a 350 is absolutely HUGE compared to what will be allowed under the green theocracy that you would seem to support. Besides, I would have preferred a 454, but GM no longer makes one because some find them offensive to their religion.

Anonymous said...

St. Lee, I would like to re-tell this story on my blog for my friends to get a laugh. Would that be alright?

St. Lee said...

Mike,I would be honored.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, Those "greenies" aren't worried about offending us that don't agree with the global warming hoax, ie. Cap & Trade, Auto Cafe standards, Coal burning power plants and the like... seems they're awfully thin skinned, and the lefties are the ones always preaching to be "Tolerant" when in reality they are the least tolerant of anybody.

Paul W

Anonymous said...

This is hopefully an encouraging word to the (somewhat understandably) dissapointed with Christians -Anonymous .
The following Quote is from a Christian Biker ,John Smith of the God's Squad Christian Motorcycle Club,Australia.
"search for meaning:
If you go to a pie shop and get a pie with a rat's tail in it,you might give up on pies,but you wouldn't usually give up on eating.The strange thing is that one or two bad experiences with religion or church seem to knock most people out of the search for faith altogether.A bad experience is no reason to quit the search for truth and meaning.
Frankl, the Jewish psychotherapist,said that our search for meaning is more important than sex.Incedently,most people don't give up on the search for a friend because of one or two bad experiences either.
Don't settle for an empty existance because you've had a brush with a bad experience of church.Spiritual desire is as much a part of true humanness as sexual desire or thirst for a cuppa (cuppa =cup of tea).Jesus said,"man shall not live by bread alone",and "if anyone thirsts,let them come to me and drink" ".
This quote came from a transcript of one of John's radio spots.

Anomymous,Us Christians stuff up all the time,at best we are poor reflectors of Jesus,so look to him ,read the bible,and see him as he truely is.