Thursday, January 29, 2009

Views of Life (part 2)

Here is part two of a three part poem by my great grandfather L.J. Schlattman, from his book of poetry "Gleanings from Life". For part one click here.

Views of Life

Scene II. -God

Humbly and abject I'm kneeling,
On thy footstool, at Thy Knee,
To thy mercy I'm appealing,
Thou showed others; Oh, show me;
And the clouds are gently lifting,
Sinai's terrors cease to be;
See, the scenes are gently shifting,
Naught but glory now I see.

From a shining throne transcendent,
A majestic voice I hear
"Thy creator, thy defendant,
I'm thy Father, do not fear;
Give to me thy heart, in sorrow,
Let My ways thy comfort be,
And thou need'st not fear tomorrow,
If thou wilt put thy trust in Me."

"Not for death or pain or sorrow,
From the earth I fashioned thee;
But for love and joy and service,
Thou wert pre-ordained by Me;
Hast forgot thy loving Maker,
Listened to the lure of sin,
Disobeyed thy fond Creator,
And did'st let the serpent in."

"Now thou sufferest death and terror,
Subject to the serpent's will;
But in spite of all thy error,
I, thy Father, love thee still;
Lo, I offer thee redemption,
From the curse thou mayest go free;
Christ, my Son, has bought exemption
With his death on Calvary."

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Dennis said...

I'm not usually much of a poetry person, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your great-grandfather's poetry. Thanks for sharing it!