Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Trip to the Heart of the City

This past Sunday afternoon, my wife Jane and I, along with our grandchildren Kaya and Max, were blessed by attending a "Heart of the City" event in nearby Chaska. (Kaya and Max spent the weekend with us because their parents were away celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary - congratulations Aron and Megan!)

There had been a short presentation given on Heart of the City Ministries during our previous week's church service. I, frankly, was not over enthusiastic about attending, assuming that it would be a little to "ecumenical" for my taste, but my wife insisted. As so often happens, Jane was right and I was wrong (and if I put that in print a little more often, she will likely become an avid reader of my blog).

In my opinion, the music was most definitely God honoring. Of course its hard to go too far wrong when most of the lyrics declare the glory of God! (keep in mind this is coming from someone who is not entirely comfortable with anything newer than Amazing Grace)

Any thoughts that the whole event would be "lukewarm" (see Revelation 3:16) due to the stated purpose of Heart of the City to "bring together the body of Christ" were dashed when one of the singers gave his salvation testimony. It was one of those that make you want to jump up and say AMEN; one where you have no doubt that the man had been born again. Yep, he even brought up that it was God's law that showed him what a sinner he was and how in need of Savior! No, I certainly got the feeling this was not one of those ministries that would sacrifice truth for the sake of unity. That can be a narrow road to walk, and may God bless Heart of the City's effort to stay upon it. Sometimes its tempting to make that path so narrow that there is only room for one person on it.

So, if you ever get the chance to go and worship with "Heart of the City", don't miss it! I highly recommend them. For more information and their schedule, click on http://www.heartofthecity.org/index.htm

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