Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Viking AMCA Meet 2016

Thought I should put a little something up about the Viking Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America National meet from earlier this month.  As usual, it was warm, and it seemed that the outdoor swap meet was yet again a bit larger than the year before.  We had a booth inside the show building, and though I am sure some of the people who came only for the used parts never made their way inside, that was a reasonable price to pay to avoid two solid days of baking sun and the obligatory quick passing rain.  And speaking of a reasonable price to pay, the Viking meet may be one of the few public places where a guy can still find a pretty good deal on old parts; certainly far below what things go for on eBay (which normally includes exorbitant shipping costs).  Of course there always some parts so "in-demand" that they claim a premium price no matter where they are sold, but I tend to set my sights a little lower so I won't be disappointed when I check my wallet.

But the inside display of bikes at the Viking meet is never a disappointment.  Below is just a small sampling.

The VL based board tracker was one of my favorites; and why not?  Besides outstanding workmanship by BTR Builder, it also features a lower end built by yours truly.

Hard to beat the combo of brilliant nickel plating on a red background

Guess the builder had a pair of 500 Kawi's with one bad jug between them, cause he combined them into a 5 cylinder 2 stroke of about 850cc.  Apparently the idea never caught on big.

The wife was good enough to man our booth while I took pictures and checked out the swap meet.

"Spirit of Sturgis" aims to keep the racing heritage of original rally alive

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