Monday, June 27, 2016

Roads and Ditches

In my minds eye I cannot help but see a gate with a road leading from it. The road is a narrow one with a deep ditch on either side. The ditch on the left is called lawlessness and unrepentant sin. That on the right hand side is called legalism and self righteousness. The narrow road between the two is sanctification and holiness. A wise traveler will closely follow the Counselor sent from above who will guide him on his journey.

Matthew 7:13-14
Matthew 15:14
John 14:26


47str8leg said...

Very apt for recent times.

JBerg said...

I can see that the Matthew 7 selection is a Great message for drag racers.
Straight ahead
Strip is pretty narrow with danger on the left and right.
Hang on - it's gonna go fast.

Yesterday, my Pastor told a story of a man who shared Christ's Gospel message with a close friend several times, but the friend always said "I think you're right, but not right now - I have plenty of time. I'll get saved at the 11th hour of my life."

One winter day, this friend was enjoying his life, out ice fishing. He augered a couple of holes through the ice and had a sudden and fatal heart attack. He died there on the ice. It was only 10:30 on his life's clock; he never reached 11:00.

If you read this and don't know Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord, please consider it today. Find a truly born-again Christian (like St. Lee) and ask him to help you understand and to know Jesus for yourself.

I pray for the Peace and Joy of God to surround you.