Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1985 Revisited

(Maybe, just maybe I finally figured out how to post a video right here on my very own blog)

The above is from some home movies from 1985. It was originally shot with an 8mm camera ....you know, the kind you set up a screen and projector to play. Yeah, I know; the dark ages.

We took our little Shovelhead drag bike out to Farmington North Carolina for the HDRA (predecessor to the AHRDA) National Finals. The good looking kid in the camouflage T-shirt is Bobby McGranahan, my racing partner and owner of the engine. The fat guy on the fast bike is me; the engine builder and owner of the chassis. Bobby was the pilot, but he always encouraged me to take the bike down the strip during test and tune to keep me enthused. His charity back fired on him though, as the following year I built a dual carb Knuckle motor to go in this same chassis, and went racing on my own. Bobby passed away several years ago, and we all still miss him.

If I am not mistaken, the gentleman in the red T-shirt adding H2O to the water box is Red Roberts, the founder of the HDRA.

BTW, the bike in the right lane did not break. It was not uncommon for our bike to win by that kind of margin.

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