Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Again

On the one year anniversary of the post that I have written which received more comments than any other, I wanted to do something special. That year old post was a humorous look at my disdain for the false religion variously known as Global Warming, Ecology, Mother Earth, or simply the Green Movement. There were a total of about 30 comments, of which over 2/3 had to be deleted because they were simply vile and/or blasphemous. It certainly went a long way toward confirming my suspicion that the Green Movement is a religion. I attacked their religion, and so they attacked mine. That Global Warming is a faith based religion has been confirmed by the fact that it has lost little steam despite the fact that it's prophets with their own Urim and Thummim (computer climate models) have been shown to be liars. And let's not forget their high priest, Al Gore. On second thought, let's try to forget him!

As I said, I wanted to so something special....but there is just not enough time. I toyed with the idea of getting someone to photograph me doing a smokey burnout on a Harley, but the logistics just were not there, one reason being I have been too busy in the shop to rouse my bike out of its winter sleep. I'll have to settle for this.

Above is a 15 year old picture of me heating the 10 inch slick on my last dragbike, "The White Knuckle Express" The bike was a 120 cubic inch Knuckle with a centrifugal supercharger running 20 psi boost and producing over 200 horsepower.

Note that in the photo, my friend, Krazy Karl, has been all but rendered invisible due to tire smoke. It is quite possible that the ecology of that little plot of land in western Minnesota has yet to recover from the combination of noxious tire smoke and fumes from 120 octane racing gas. I know Karl has never been the same.


Anonymous said...

AWE, the sweet sting of fumes and rubber particles in the nose and eyes! I miss the races. Time to take my 7 year old to the drag strip!

Bjorn Eriksson said...

Inspiring, need to get more info on that setup.
It´s spring and time to test and tune.