Friday, April 30, 2010

Declaring God's Glory in Our Old Age

This Psalm was written by David during his old age as evidenced by verse 18; " Now also when I am old and greyheaded...." Old and grey headed: that seems to describe an awful lot of my friends these days. It describes nearly everyone who attended the service at the rest home where I brought this message recently. Old and grey headed also describes me, and if it describes you, that means this Psalm should be particularly applicable to us.

Note that David begins by stating that he puts his trust in the LORD Jehovah. He calls on the LORD for deliverance, and reaffirms that God is his rock and strong fortress. Each of us likewise needs to trust in the LORD as our fortress; our place of safety during the storms of life.

When David considers all that the LORD has brought him through, all the trials and tribulations that God has delivered him from, it inevitably leads him to verse 8; "Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day."

When we look back on our lives and consider how God has been our strong refuge and brought us safely through so many troubles, how can it help but bring us to the same point? How can we help but say with David "Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day."

In verse 9 David implores the Lord: "Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth." You see, our trials in this life are not over once we reach old age. In fact, some of you may attest that the testing becomes more severe. The solution is the same as that found by David and stated in verse 14; "But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more."

In verses 15-16 David says, "My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof. I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only." Truly, it is Christ's righteousness that we must rely on, for as the Bible tells us, our own righteousness is like filthy rags. Because it is only Christ's righteousness that is sufficient, it follows that salvation can only be found in Christ. Once we have a proper appreciation for that, how can we help but praise God more and more, declaring his righteousness all the day!

Now we come to verse 18, the key verse for this post. "Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come." What could be a better way to glorify God, than to testify, during our old age, of all the wondrous works that God has done in our lives!

Looking back, it is easy to see how the Lord has been with us from the very beginning of our lives. As it says in this psalm, God has supported us since the time we were in the womb. Every incident, every episode in our lives has worked together to lead us to the point where he saved us. And what a great salvation! The Lord not only saved us from the life of sin that we each would have inevitably continued in, if left to our own devices, but he also saved us to a glorious eternity with him.

As the potter, God continues to form us into the vessels as he chooses.
What he has done for each of us is just one small example of God's strength and power. We should delight in declaring it to this generation and the generations to follow!

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