Friday, July 24, 2009

A Small Challenge

If you follow any amount of blogs, then you have probably seen an entry something like this: Such and Such over at So and So blog tagged me with this challenge. I have never had the honor of being tagged by anyone before, but Joe over at Hear God Speak recently tagged me with the "Honest Scrap" challenge.

The challenge is to share 10 honest things about myself and then tag 7 bloggers to do the same. In the spirit of good clean fun, I am going to cheat, but just a little, and with (I think) good reason. I will list the ten things about myself, but I am not going to tag seven other bloggers. The reason for no tag, is that I am quite sure that there are not seven other bloggers that follow my blog. It just seems like it would be a little weird for me to tag someone who probably doesn't know I exist. And since Joe has tagged me, I can hardly tag him. By the way, you should really check out his blog. I find it truly edifying, and it has steadily climbed the list of blogs I read daily.

So here's my list in no particular order:

  1. I once had the honor of towing the legendary Pete Hill on his Top Fuel Knucklehead drag bike back to the pits after he made a pass.
  2. I start to get panicky and nervous if I miss more than one Church service in a row.
  3. My wife recently spent way too much money to get me a ride on a B17 Liberator.
  4. My wife is my very best friend (and that has nothing to do with #3).
  5. I spent four years in the USAF and never flew on a military plane until #3.
  6. I love to prepare a sermon far more than to deliver it.
  7. My reaction times while drag racing were never all that good.
  8. I got my first Studebaker when I was 15 and have lost count of how many I have had since then.
  9. I actually enjoy doing gardening/landscaping type projects in our back yard.
  10. Though sarcasm is probably my favorite type of humor, I often miss it when it is used on me.


Joe Blackmon said...

Well, if other bloggers don't know about your blog it just shows that they don't know what they're missing. Thank you for your encouraging words, sir.

I agree with you on #6. I LOVE digging in the Word more than preaching it. I'm a much more effective writer than I am a speaker.

St. Lee said...

Well Joe, interestingly enough, the only other person who blogs and follows my blog is my Pastor. This morning he mentioned to me that he also enjoys preparing a sermon more than preaching it. I am happy to be in good company on that one.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I also follow your blog. Thanks for sharing Joe's blog as well! I may have to try the Honest Scrap challenge myself.

St. Lee said...

Mike, thanks. I have been keeping up on your blog as well. Consider yourself tagged (if you so desire).

Christian said...

I'm following your blog too, and really enjoy your Biblical insight along with your love for bikes. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

St. Lee said...

Thanks X. I appreciate the encouragement

Jim Franco said...

WELCOME Lee! I mean that in the most appreciative sense at this very moment!

I just woke from a terrible's 3:11 am PST and the dream drove me to get out of bed so it would go away!

Where did I go? HERE!!!!

I read your posts about all things GOD! May I say, Thank GOD! The dream is not only gone to where it belonged, but i replaced it with the thoughts of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!! Now that was just what I needed....

Been a born-again Christian since my "mid" military days. Came to accept God's grace after running from Him...and like most LISTENING men who try to do that very thing, RUN....I accepted His Holy Grace! That was the most important thing that EVER happened to me.

So here I sit, now...can't remember that dream any has been replaced with another dream....or more precisely...the "promise" that if I pay more attention to the things of the Lord, if I thank Him daily for the gift of GRACE and His promise of my spending eternal life with HIM, those dreams become laughable...'cause I am His....and no one can take me from that!

Thanks Lee...I'm becoming a fond follower of Knucklehead Theology....What a great way to spend my VERY early morning hours this great day!!

Jim Franco

St. Lee said...

Jim, you have certainly brightened my day with your words of encouragement. Thanks ....and AMEN!

Jim Franco said...
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Jim Franco said...

The Thanks all come from me....Dear Sir! Thank you for "listening" to your were there when I needed some peace.....He sent you...and I was lead to read, and read until I was soothed from God's words.

To a lesser subject...I think I told you I'm new to Knucks..been a "PanMan" of recent years...and a ShovelheadMan going back to 1974. Well, I'd like to run a question by you...when you get the chance, could you contact me at your hurry! and I can give you a phone number from there.....Thanks Man, glad I found you!

Jim in Seattle

Jim Franco said...

Oops! I should have "proof-read" my own comment! My email is: ...NOT ...jfranco@urteach ...I must have had Kevin Bass on my mind!!!!!