Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Concise Blueprint to Witnessing

There is a local pastor by the name of Tom Brock who does a radio show here in the Twin Cities. One regular segment that he does is called a "Heresy Update." I find it refreshing in this age of political correctness that Pastor Brock is so bold to expose blatant heresy in all of the various denominations including his own! My hat is off to him.

But that is not what this post is about. Last week on his show Pastor Brock made a statement that caught my attention. I am not sure whether he attributed it to someone else or if it was original to him. Obviously the thought it conveys is not original, for it is drawn from the Bible, but I find the crafting of the line to be wonderful.

"Preach the law to afflict the comfortable, and preach the gospel to comfort the afflicted."

Yup, I really like that. A concise blueprint to witnessing.


Joe Blackmon said...


The guys with Way of the Master suggest basically the same sort of pattern. Before people will turn to Jesus, they have to have a reason to turn to Jesus. If we pitch Jesus as a Life Additive (he'll make you happier, i.e.) we've decieved them. Man's most pressing need is to realize they are sinners in need of a sinner.

St.Lee said...

Yes indeed, Joe. Way of the Master (or Wretched Radio as they now call it) is one of the best things being broadcast these days.