Wednesday, June 24, 2009

World' Fastest V-Rod?

There has been some speculation recently as to whether Joe Lieske's drag bike, nicknamed "The Disruptor," might now be the world's fastest Harley V-Rod drag bike. To date his best pass has been an 8.684 et and 150.21 mph in the quarter mile. Some of the guys I know who are deeply involved with the sport say they have not heard of anyone going faster or quicker on a V-Rod. A superficial check of the Internet by yours truly failed to turn up anything. The way I figure it, the quickest way to find out if anyone else can lay claim to the title is to just put it out there. I have little doubt that someone will speak up if they have gone faster.
By the way, if you have one faster, you might want to speak up pretty soon. Joe is shopping for a nitrous oxide kit for The Disruptor and those times will likely change.


Anonymous said...

joes the man!

Anonymous said...

That seems kind of slow for a full cro-moly frame. Blackcat motorsports has a full stock framed, street legal VRod running 8.8's
Any new updates? What races will Joe be at in 2010?

St.Lee said...

I don't have his schedule for this year yet. I'll post it when I do.

Kinda slow? I guess that puts Joe in the curious position of having to be embarrassed about having the "World's Fastest" (again, that based on having no challenges to the assertion)