Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Progress

Thought I would post a few pics of the progress on the nostalgia drag bike engine build.


"XA" rods were clearanced for stroke and polished before being shot peened.

Longer stroke necessitated cutting down the O.D. of the flywheels for piston skirt clearance. This in turn required a flywheel scraper modification that I chose to do by attaching a formed steel plate rather than the traditional weld and machine method.

Flywheel half in crankcase, showing scraper clearance. Black flywheel color is from an oil shedding coating.

Same oil shedding coating in crankcase.

Pre 1940 oil pump has thinner feed gears and so was a favorite with drag racers all the way into the 1970's
At this point all stroker clearancing is done, the rods are rebuilt, the flywheels balanced/assembled/and trued. The crankcase halves are assembled, the oil pump installed, the breather timing blueprinted, the cam and circuit breaker drive gear are installed. The tappet bodies have been lightened and installed.


Sergio said...

slick trick with the oil scraper!Are those oem cases? and that oil shedding coating, is it glyptol?

St.Lee said...

No, they are STD's replica Knuck cases. I couldn't justify the cost of stock cases. The coating is from Tech Line Coatings. I am not familiar with glyptol.

Mark said...

Glyptol is the red coating that the factory used on the inside of the old cases, that's what I've been using on my motors for years. I've heard of tech line coating, but never used them before, I guess it's time to try some new ideas.