Friday, April 26, 2019

Colorado Hog Rally 1985

Keeping in mind that there is somewhat of a "revival" of motorcycle drag racing scheduled over the 4th of July weekend this year in Humboldt, or what is now known as North Iowa Dragway , I recently added a post with pictures from the 1985 Iowa Hog Drags. So, now I thought I would add a few pics of what was, back in 1985, the next race on the schedule for the HDRA.  That of course was the Colorado Hog Rally held outside of Colorado Springs.  You might guess from the pictures that the strip was on the east (less scenic) side of "the Springs."

Tator Gilmore on his earlier single engine fuel bike

MO or Marion Owens on his double engine Shovel

A scene from the pit area

Not sure who ran this Sportster, but he had a classy tow bike

MO in the left hand lane, can't quite make out who is on the right

Griz Robinson from the Chop Shop with his first Top Fuel Bike

Bobby on our bike getting ready for a pass

 "Bad to the Bone"
The bike pictured above was named "Bad to the Bone" - it was a Sportster in a Yetman frame running (very well) in the Dragster Eliminator class which in other sanctions would be called Top Gas.  I do recall that it ran in the fives in Iowa (1/8 mile) and the owner, who was from Texas, did not pilot it himself because he said he was too big for it to be safe with him on it. 

Don't know who this is, but this shot at least shows that the track did actually have a spot for spectators

A Shovel sporting a blower - may have been a Colorado bike

Bobby in the right lane

Bike loaded and ready to go home with another trophy

Note the fancy trailer we made the trip to Colorado with.  Guess I was a bit too tall for the top of my head to fit in the photo, but in the middle is my good friend Stan from Pueblo, who we stayed with the night before the races.  Bobby was still grinning after his second win in a row.

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