Saturday, July 8, 2017

Meltdown Coming!

The view of "The Knuckledragger" that other bikes running the Meltdown Drags next weekend will become familiar with

In the time honored tradition of a little trash-talking prior to a race,  I submit the picture with caption above.  Truth is, I expect some memorable racing.  Word has it that Steve McGregor will be there with his double engine Triumph, as well Glen Kerr with his history making Dubble Trubble twin engine Triumph.  Right now it is a bit unclear whether Glen will be running Dubble Trubble or the new double engine Triumph he has been working on.

Dubble Trubble at Eddyville

McGregor's double Triumph at Eddyville

Glen Kerr's new ride in process

 Back in 2012, we made the trip to the vintage meet in Eddyville, Iowa. Despite my engine barely running well enough to engage the clutch due to an embarrassing bit of stupidity on my part, the highlight of the meet for me was going to be making a pass with The Knuckledragger alongside Dubble Trubble.  As it turned out, I had to wave Glen on to make a single pass when the Knuck engine stalled before even making it to the starting line.  Later that day I did manage to slip the clutch enough to get underway with Steve on his double in the other lane, but since his bike wouldn't shift and mine was running so poorly, it was hardly a satisfying match.  Hopefully all that will change next weekend at the 8th Annual Meltdown Drags at Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois.

Resting Comfortably

Meanwhile, The Knuckldragger is getting in a last bit of rest before the big event.  I pulled the cam cover and  pre-1940 oil pump this past week just to be sure all was well there.  A careful once over of the frame, checking the tightness of all fasteners, as well as chain, clutch and pushrod adjustment pretty well sum it up.  None of that seemed to disturb its sleep, but I fully expect The Knuckledragger to be fully awake come next Friday!

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