Monday, December 7, 2015


I had every intention of posting a short explanation of why I took the liberty of putting the name "YaHWeh" in place of "the LORD" when quoting Psalm 100 in my post for Thanksgiving.  However while researching it I realized that , as so often happens, it was not just a simple, cut and dried topic.  ...and yes, since you ask, I do make a habit of researching most of what I write rather than just "shooting from the hip" (despite how it might appear).  In any case, the explanation will have to wait for me to find a little more free time to formulate an intelligible post, but in the meantime I do have this:

This picture, snapped by an unknown photographer, is from the second pass I made on the Knuckledragger at the Meltdown Drags this summer.  The amount of air between the front wheel and the pavement was not really in the script, but it makes for an great action shot.

BTW, in the past couple weeks this photo seems to have made the rounds on the Internet.  When I first became aware of it, I made some inquiries as to its origin, hoping to thank the photographer and formally ask permission to reproduce it, but came up empty handed.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I would still like to do that.


Anonymous said...

Nice timing,Lee.
You might pass as the "Knuckle Ridin'Santa".

St. Lee said...

Ho, Ho, Ho

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee! I know Mark Sergison was shooting from that vantage point, you can find him here:

Dan Ricks Photography was also shooting from near there

Judd's Custom photography was also shooting that day

Royboy Productions too, I am betting one of them can help find out who took it, if it wasn't one of them

Hope to see you and Jane in July!!

Fear No Evo Drag Racing