Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Viking Meet 2014

I just spend last Friday and Saturday in my booth at the Viking Chapter of the AMCA's (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) National meet in St. Paul.  Except to mention the fact that word had it all the swap meet spaces were sold (good news!) I won't bore you with a lot of details.  Instead I will share some pics with limited commentary.

Who doesn't love a Knuckle bobber?
1942 Sunbeams had a nice shape to their air cleaner
And by 1956 it looks like it could have inspired our friends in Viola

1970 Harley Sprint Flat Tracker
When I was younger most of us biker types considered Sprints to be a joke.  Well, when considering this one, the joke would have been on us.  One of three built to this spec, it will tach up to 14,000 RPM putting out 72 HP with a top speed of 137 MPH from 350cc.  Local racing legend Billy Hofmeister rode it to three consecutive indoor flat track championships.

This Indian inline 4 cylinder is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Note the air intake of the carb.

 1939 BSA M20 is a 500cc Flathead Thumper

Its easy to see the family resemblance between the '39 and this 1953 Gold Star
Note the crossed rifles cast into cylinder: BSA = Birmingham Small Arms

1953 BSA Gold Star

Yes, it looks German, but how many of you recognized this as a 1954 Honda Dream?

1960 Triumph Tiger Cub may be small, but the aesthetic appeal of the engine is large

Billy Hofmeister's vintage Flat Track bike

The last picture for this post deserves an extra footnote.  It is a 1975 XR750 rolling chassis which was once campaigned by AMA National Champion Gary Scott.  Later Billy Hofmeister rode it to a Canadian National Flat Track Championship.  The bike is still owned by Billy, though these days it is used for vintage racing powered by a 1969 XLCH motor.  The Sportster motor is no slouch either with porting work from some guy who won a couple National Championships in drag racing.
One last note: this is a very small percentage of the bikes on display at the meet.  To see more, make it a point to come to St. Paul next year for the event.



Mark said...

Hi Lee, Who's Knuckle is that? it's close to the style my '40 was.

St. Lee said...

Mark, I took pictures of the placards for many of the bikes I took pics of, but this bike was not one of them so I do not know who the owner is.

St. Lee said...

BTW - you obviously have good taste if you had a similar bike!

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