Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

 Here in Minnesnowda we are just wrapping up one of the coldest winters in recent memory. As much of the world commemorates Earth Day, today April 22, 2014, I could not help but think back to less than one week ago to an overnight snowfall here.  Lady, our shop dog, and I were spared the 10" of snow that fell about 1/2 hour north of here, but still had our hopes of spring dashed with a fresh covering of the white stuff as shown in the photos below.

And the (not so) good news?  The weather prognosticators say we may get a repeat next week!

"...but I thought you said spring was here..."
Lady shivering from the combination of more snow and a recent outing to the beauty parlor for a haircut (she has only herself to blame - I told her she should wait)
All of this leaves us with just one question:
Seriously folks.  We had one month this winter that our heating bill was north of $1500 while the thermostats were set so low that it remained long-johns and sweatshirt weather inside both the house and the shop.  My wife's legs were nearly crushed from the weight of extra blankets on our bed all winter.
So PLEASE, do your part to promote Global Warming.  Drive more ...and faster; preferably in your pre emissions vehicles.  Do more smokey burnouts! Have a camp fire in your back yard every night, and if you need to use all your trash to get the fire going, so much the better.  Don't worry, those big garbage trucks will still come around burning diesel fuel whether there is anything to pick up or not.  If you have room, you might even consider getting a cow.  It is said that their flatulence is a major cause of Global Warming.  I say a pair of vintage muscle cars idling in every driveway and a cow in every backyard!  With your help maybe we can get enough Global Warming going to save the planet for humanity!


JB CA72 said...

Nice looking Airedale, St. Lee.
And -"dog-gone-it"- I completely understand her thoughts "THIS is Spring?"
Have a good one.

St. Lee said...

Lady says thanks.

david ervin said...

Ditto on the Airedale. My Aunt & Uncle had one but it got a big much for the house. They found a farmer that wanted it and on the day they gave it to him he remarked that the dog would have learn to be careful of an old ram that liked to..well..ram, just for fun. The next day the ram was dead; the butt of his own joke.

AGW isn't to be questioned. The settled facts that our betters make up for us are to be believed and their orders followed. Remember, you didn't build it...they did. What right do you have to muck with it.