Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well, its official.  Joe Taylor's 1939 61 cubic inch Knucklehead now holds the world record in the MPS VG 1000  class for the Bub Speed Trials at Bonneville!

The record runs were made on Tuesday with Terry of Gunner's Cycle piloting.  The record now stands at 123.526, just over 14 mph higher than the previous class record held by Sid Biberman's Vincent. 

Terry feels that there is  more mph to be found since the newly added AFR gauges showed the jetting still quite rich, however rain precluded any further attempt for this year.  Dyno testing was not in the cards for the Gray Goose this past summer, and though the speed is well short of the team's goal, they wisely decided to fore go any tuning changes until after the record was in their possession. 

Congratulations to Joe, Terry and John for reaching this milestone in only their second year on the salt with the Goose.  And if you would allow me to indulge in a little patting myself on the back, I would like to mention that I not only built the motor, but I also supplied the 2.060" valves and guides used to set this record. It is always a nice when you can add "World Record Setting" to a product description! 

Now, if the boys can just add another 16-1/2 mph next year...   


47str8leg said...

Congrats on your achievement !! No melted pistons this time out! I look forward to seeing what the future holds. Long live knuckleheads and the man that sold me the valves and guides to keep mine running. Viva La Lee !!!!!


J Berg CA72 said...

This is going to sound real stupid Lee. But.... If that's a 1939 (engine, I presume)...

does it always take 74 years for a Harley to hit its top speed?

Man! That's a long drag!

Set me straight, CA73.

St. Lee said...

No CA, that does not sound stupid at all. Kind of mean, and sort of clever at the same time, but not stupid ;-)

Actually Joe Petrali and the Harley factory ran 136+ MPH in 1937on a very similarly equipped 61 cubic inch Knuckle. Joe Taylor and his team were/are trying to better that speed. Obviously they have a way to go.

I think we would all agree that given 70+ years of technology advancement should make that a much easier task, however, the comparative monetary resources available work in just the opposite direction.

Also, Joe Petrali had the brightest minds at the factory building his motor. Joe Taylor is stuck with me.

JBerg CA72 said...

Maybe Time moved slower in 1937..
There's the answer - use a slower stop watch.

....(just jokin' around...Everybody be happy happy happy)...

Seriously, being part of a record breaking team is cause for a little pride. You're using the gifts that God gave you, and using them well. Congrats! Press on!

Don't mean to let a secret out Lee, but I remember when your hot ride was a 750 Kaw, going up against (and beating) a GTO on the "public stip" N of our hometown one summers evening circa 1973. Fun.

PS. I really like your blogg'n St. Lee. God Bless.

St. Lee said...

OK Jeff (it is Jeff isn't it?) with that large hint and a closer look at your screen name, it is pretty obvious that we know each other. Thanks for stopping in a commenting.

There was a time when one would have been hard pressed to get me to admit to riding anything except for a Harley, but now I look back on that time with fond memories.

It also never fails to remind me how merciful the LORD is to protect me through the time I owned that bike despite my best efforts to the contrary!

BTW, the wife and I attended the class of 73's 40 year reunion last weekend. It was great fun.

JB CA72 said...

Jeff I am.

Hey - AMEN! to the LORD's awesome protection. You and me both!

It was a few years back that Dean C. filled me in on your heart for God. I did a google and found you about a year ago. been watchin' & it's all been good.

Yeah, reunions! Had a blast last year at mine too. Even got to stand in the very spot there where I asked Jesus to save me in 1966. A "heaven's portal" experience for me; and fun to share with my wife and a couple of friends.

I'll see you again someday Lee - "Here, or there, or in the air!"

St. Lee said...

Thanks Jeff. Great to hear your story. 1966 - wow - that's going back some. God bless!