Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Year End Racing Update

Two local racers, who incidentally carry the Lee's Speed Shop logo on their steeds, finished the season in style.

Joe Lieske, aboard his V-Rod based gas dragster came home with the AMRA's V-Mod National Championship.  Joe sealed the deal with a big win at the National Finals in Bowling Green.  I am a little embarrassed to admit I have lost count of the National event wins he stacked up for the season, but I do know that Joe came home with 4 National Records along the way.  In late March and early April he set the 1/8 mile ET record at 5.564 seconds, as well as both ends of the 1/4 mile record: 8.917 ET and 144.55 MPH. In late April Joe lowered the ET record to 8.875 seconds. Congratulations Joe!

On another front, Bill Hofmeister celebrated his first full year of retirement from riding flat track by, you guessed it, adding another couple wins to his long, long list.  This time he rode his 900 Iron Head XR to victory at the long running Flying Dutchmen's New Ulm Short Track;  not without incident however.  During a heat race, problems with the rear brake forced Bill to completely remove the caliper and mount for the Open Twin Main, and since the bike sports no front brake, ...well, let's just say it is pretty plain that old age hasn't dimmed his competitive spirit much.

 As for the part about Bill hanging up his racing leathers, some of us were not really surprised...

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