Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lieske Wins Pro Gas at Bowling Green

I didn't want to let this slide until it was old news, so I don't have a lot of details yet, but.... The Pro Gas winner at the AMRA season opener in Bowling Green Kentucky last weekend was my friend Joe Lieske on his big inch V-Rod nick named "The Disruptor."

Joe and "The Disruptor" in fine form - two years ago!

Despite rain on Friday and unseasonably cold the remainder of the weekend, Joe managed to qualify in the #3 position. Not too shabby since Joe spent the entire last season chasing gremlins and didn't have a single opportunity to take the bike down the track with the big motor in it (though he did make a few passes with a stock Destroyer engine installed just to see if he could stand to go that slow).

Of course after qualifying was over, Joe remembered something he had noticed two years ago, switched his gearing , and ran quicker in eliminations than the #1 qualifying time. From there it was smooth sailing to the win in the finals. Cool.

Congratulations Joe, and here's wishing you a successful 2011 season!

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