Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little Something to Keep in Mind for Tuesday


Over 100,000,000 Murdered

and counting




Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you are the stupidest link.

St.Lee said...

Anonymouse; We do have an atheistic communist country just a short trip away in Cuba. I hear the weather is great there. Wouldn't it be easier for you to move there than to transform the U.S. into a clone of that nation. I am sure your uncle Fidel would love to have you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has no guts. Thanks for being bold enough to fight for a healthy, God fearing country! I voted today...PROUDLY!

Joe Hammond said...

A vote for either party is a vote for Corporate Feudalism. Both sides champion the interests of big business and banks over the interests of the middle and lower classes while playing it off in the corporate media like their ideologies are somehow different. Using the old boogie men of communism and religion is just a tool to drive a wedge between regular people who really do want the same thing, but don't always agree on the ways to get it.
Perpetuating the notion that the democrats are any different from republicans in their slavish devotion to power and corporate money is just playing into the hands of the people who profit off this divisive style of politics.
The Tea Party is no option as they have been funded and organized from the start by major players in the Republican party.
Healthcare itself is a necessary service required by all citizens, however the fundamental design of the new bill is flawed. However, it was both the Republican and Democratic parties that forced the changes that gave it all away to the private insurers. No one party is too blame. They both are.
DON"T VOTE FOR A PARTY! VOTE FOR PEOPLE YOU LIKE! Do your research and be informed.
I don;t really want to venture into the the whole atheist comment except to say that religion is a private thing and has no place in public life. Religion helps form moral values for alot of people. But not all. There's nothing wrong with religion influencing and informing your decisions as long as it is not the only factor considered.
Sorry to jump in like that Lee. But the commie/atheist bull really bugs me. Thanks for all the great bike info and I don't mean to offend just offer an opposing point of view.

St.Lee said...

Joe, I appreciate that you took the time to comment and especially like the fact that you are willing to put your name to your views.

Some things to consider though:

Today's Democratic party has aligned itself solidly with socialism (at best) and communism (at worst)I think anyone who seriously disputes that is asleep.

Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China, Castro's Cuba are/were all socialist/communist states. Which of those was known for championing the interests of big business?

The difference between the two parties is that there is still hope of bringing one of the parties back to a place of following the constitution. I certainly agree with you that in recent years there has not been much difference in how the two parties acted.

The Tea Party movement is not a product of the Republican Party, in fact those Republicans you rightly criticise are just as frightened by the Tea Party as are the Democrats. Time will tell, but I think the Tea Party will remain a movement and not an actual political party, not that big government Republicans will not try to co-opt them.

Finally, I am afraid that your statement that religion has no place in public life is a view that the founders of this country would strongly disagree with. But even more important, it is something that God Almighty himself disagrees with. I have to side with the Lord on that one.

Joe Hammond said...

Hey again Lee,
I normally try not to involve myself in religious debates because my beliefs are personal and my relationship with God is personal and you and I have a very different opinion on one's ability to know the mind of God. I find it complete arrogance and pure blasphemy to assume that any man or scripture disseminated by man can possibly reflect the true and infinitely complex will of a supreme and omnipotent/omniscient being.
Also it's easy to cite what you believe the founding fathers would think about something because there is no way for us to possibly know what they thought without a time machine. We can only know what we infer from their writings which are really a different dialect of english than we speak today.
The Tea party has been documented to be funded and set up by major players in the republican party and their corporate interests. I say this as fact as cited by many journalists and independent media organizations like Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. You can google the article under the title "Matt Taibbi on the Tea Party
How corporate interests and Republican insiders built the Tea Party monster".
Now to compare the Democratic agenda to Russia/China etc I would have to see the specific legislation that was enacted or is being lobbied to draw these comparisons. However if it's a social agenda you worry about than look to Canada. The one country to do fairly well through all this economic upheaval is Canada and they enjoy public health care and a wealth of social programs. It's not a perfect system but it's servicable. And I garantee if you call a regular Canadian a cummunist you'll get punched.


Joe Hammond said...

Continued from last post...

If you look you'll see that gov't have been selling us out at an ever greater rate to corporate interests and lobby groups. As was shown in the recent election with the Citizens United decision. Corporate interests flooded the political process with hundreds of millions of dollars and made a mockery of the system.
It seems to me that the voices of reason and research have been ultimately silenced by the voices of money and power and the Tea Party movement is more a distraction technique to pull in the outsiders and independents.
And as to their talk of the constitution I have to ask...Have you read the Constitution lately? Or are you just trusting to what you remember from school and what the various political personalities and Tea Party leaders tell you? I beg any and all Americans to get themselves a physical copy of the constitution and all it's ammendments andreadit thoroughly and form discussion groups, take classes, whatever it takes to learn as much as you can about it before claiming what is or is not against the constitution.
Ok, enough is enough, I'm going to stop taking up space in your comments section.LOL Thanks Lee, I appreciate your opinion and if there's one good thing that's come out of the past few years it's the fact that people are talking. Too much yelling too, but at least there's some talking. Now people need to start doing some research of their own and not just take everything on faith. Faith in God is one thing, faith in people is an entirely different proposition.

St.Lee said...

It is hard for me not to address each of your statements, Joe, but time does not permit such a long answer. Let's just get to the most important issue.

You reject both the Bible and the writings of the founding fathers of this nation but find the truth in something published in Rolling Stone Magazine. Hmm. That speaks volumes.

You say that you find it blasphemy for anyone to believe that God's will is revealed by anything "disseminated" by man. You probably already know that the Bible speaks to this issue, going so far as to say that "all scripture is given by inspiration of God." Obviously your argument is that even that statement is not reliable, because it was written by men.

That being the case, no man can know anything about God, or even if there is such a being. With no guidance from God as to his will, what can any man do but conceive of a god of his own imagination? Sorry, but the Bible says that God made man in his own image. It seems that your theology has reversed that, and you have made god in your own image.

But if you are correct in your assessment that nothing disseminated by man can show us God's will, then how can I be guilty of blasphemy? What makes my conception of God (based on Holy Scripture) less valid that your conception of God (based on, I would guess, your feelings)?

Of course the real issue is not whether or not I am guilty of blasphemy. That doesn't offend me, and I am sorry if my political views offend you. The political stuff all pales in comparison to the issue of your view of God. Please take the time to read the books of John and Romans in the New Testament. It is far more important than anything I could ever write about motorcycles.