Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pilot Selection

Recently I took a limited number of applications for the job of pilot for "The Knuckledragger", my soon to be completed nostalgia drag bike.

My wife, Jane, was the first applicant. She is light weight and has previous experience piloting Knuckleheads, however a recent shoulder surgery has disqualified her.

Grand daughter Kaya is even lighter weight, but lack of riding experience coupled with absolutely unacceptable footwear for racing, knocked her out of the running.

Grandson Max. A real daredevil attitude gives him an edge for future consideration, however the present inability to reach the brake means he will not be racing this season.

Despite protests that the selection process was rigged, I won the job .... mostly due to the fact that I already own a vintage helmet.


Anonymous said...

I think you won 'cause you're the only one that voted. The other applicants clearly weren't shown any type of rules.

St.Lee said...

Truth be told, I was changing the rules as I went.

TEACH said...

That is awsome..please put me in the running I would love to be a pilt of that beauty!

Sergio said...

Awesome! I hope to see that running pretty soon!