Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Strange

Continuing my series of posts taken from my great grandfather, L.J. Schlattman's book of poems "Gleanings from Life", here is one that illustrates how little things have changed since this was copyrighted in 1926. Despite a few of the words being unfamiliar to us, all of creation still cries out to us testifying of the Creator, and yet man, insignificant and arrogant, still rails against Yahweh, denying his handiwork.


Beautiful star, so pure and bright,

Shining above with your silvery light;

Where have you been, and what have you found?

Where did you get your silvery gleam?

" 'Tis the reflex of God," said the star, "I ween."

Wonderful Sun, with radiant face,

Sending your rays through endless space,

Warming the earth, giving life and light;

King of the universe, wondrous sight,

Whence did you come? with amaze I cried.

"I was kindled by God," the sun replied.

Universe wonderful, endless, grand,

Viewing thy magnitude, dumb I stand;

Who was they architect, who holds sway,

Guiding thy destiny, day by day?

Sun, moon and stars as they circled by,

Answered, " 'Tis God, He rules on high."

Wonderful man with master mind,

Scanning the universe, proud, refined,

Delving in science deep and high,

Tell me, who made you? Who rules the sky?

"Oh," said the man with a foolish grin,

"Chaos and monkey and man are kin."

By the way, I looked up the word "ween" so you wouldn't have to. It means: "To think; to imagine; to fancy. The sense is to set, fix or hold in the mind." That definition is from the 1828 Webster dictionary. Just thought you'd want to know.


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