Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One Blessing Among Many

A week ago last Sunday our pastor recommended to the congregation that we read an approximately 2 chapter section of the book of Romans in preparation for an upcoming series of sermons. Somehow I managed to completely let it slip from my mind. Its not that I don't open the Bible during the week. The fact is that I read out loud from the Bible nearly every morning when my wife and I have our family devotions. But some how, some way, opening the Bible each morning did not remind me to read the passages in Romans.

But then last Saturday morning, I noticed that my wife, Jane, had placed the previous weeks bulletin on the table with the verses we were to read hi-lighted. Thanks to her attentiveness, we were able to read the text during our Sunday morning devotions before church. A small thing, perhaps, but it sure brought to my mind how blessed that I am to have a wife that cares about such things.

I pray that each of you is equally as blessed in this respect!

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