Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stroker Flathead Engine Build

(I originally started to post this series about a Flathead build on my website, however due to ongoing issues with that web site coupled with the ease of posting on this blog have caused me to move it here)

Some time ago Joe approached me about doing an engine rebuild on the 1944 big twin flathead motor that he had recently acquired. He indicated that he had been gathering parts to build it as a stroker, and wanted to know if I would be interested in doing the engine build as well as some porting work. Well, anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am one of those who still believe the words "high performance" and "antique" can still be used in the same sentence together. In the following pictures and posts I am going to attempt to follow the process in pictures and words while giving some (hopefully) good technical advice. If any of you would care to offer their opinions or advice, please feel free to comment.
These are a few "before" pictures. Wouldn't you love to have the vintage S&S carb cover? Heads are cast iron painted silver.


Jack Hester said...

Have you considered a down-draft Fish carburetor? Great performers in the 50's race scene.


Jon Kitcher said...

Hi. I am planning on building a 55" 45 stroker motoe and would like some advice. Can you tell me if I need to fit piston skirt oilers and if so does the motor require a higher pressure pump? What would my options be if i went this route?

St. Lee said...

Hi Jon, pistons oilers would be a plus, but not absolutely necessary.

If you were to supply piston oilers from the feed pump, then a pump upgrade such as from American Cycle Service is definitely in order. The other way would be to use return oil for the oilers, which has the disadvantage of using hotter oil than that from the feed, but means you could get by without upgrading either pump.

If you were to use coatings such as ceramic on the domes to keep some of the heat out of the pistons, then I am not sure piston oilers are worth the effort